Author Resources

Thank you for your interest in K2P. Our aim is to help you deliver the best possible manuscript. Below is some useful information that will help you make the most out of our service.

How to upload your manuscript

•  Send us your final version of the document so that you do not need to worry about making changes at a later stage.
•  The senior editor who assigns your paper to an editor will be able to see information such as your name and email address. However, your editor and a
   senior editor will also see the text of your manuscript during the editing process. If you are uncomfortable with the editor seeing personal information,
   such as your name or organization, please feel free to remove any personal information present within your manuscript. This ensures that the editor
   does not know whose paper he or she is editing, removes any possible personal biases and helps maintain confidentiality.
•  Remove any tables, graphs, figures and references from your manuscript. This helps to limit the size of the file for easier uploading and downloading.
   If you leave them in the document, note that they will not be edited and will not count towards the word count. However, our editors will edit the figure
   legends when included with your manuscript.
•  If your document is not in Microsoft Word, please copy and paste the document into Microsoft Word and then use the word count feature
   (under 'Tools') to determine the size of your manuscript.
•  If you have any special instructions to the editor, please include them.
•  Use an active email address for your account to make sure you receive notices when your manuscripts are ready.

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